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Amy is exactly what we need in the mom world. She is the kick in the butt. She is a hug. We are raising the future generation and need to be as strong as we can be. We need to dump the hot mess mindset. Amy’s episodes are the conversations we need to have. They’re the guide to build us up. They will make you laugh, make you cry and make you curse a bit. Sometimes all at once.


This is hands down my favorite podcast! I look forward to every Monday and Thursday to wake up and listen to what Amy has to say to help other mamas out there! I love that I no longer feel alone with what I'm going through with littles at home with me as a SAHM. Amy is helpful with sharing ways to improve motherhood as well as giving you some tough love that you need. Every mama needs to listen to this podcast! I appreciate your honesty and help Amy!


You can feel pretty overwhelmed and lonely as a SAHM at times. So its very refreshing and motivating to listen to Amy's podcast. she definitely knows what she is talking about and i love the openness, honesty and warmth Amy shows in her conversations

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