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Mama Mindset Reset Challenge


PHASE 1 – 10 days

Day 1 Photo – encouraged but not required

  • Water – 1 gallon

  • Read – 10 pages of a non-fiction personal development book. NO AUDIOBOOKS

  • 30 minute workout – No rest days

  • Gratitude Journal – Write down 3 items you are grateful for every day

PHASE 2 – 60 days

Day 1 Photo – encouraged but not required

  • Everything from Phase 1

  • Diet – Pick one and stick to it. No cheat days. No cheat meals. NO ALCOHOL

  • Make Your Bed – This must be done before you get in bed every night.

  • Phase 2 Completed Photo – encouraged but not required


Whatever you do within this period of time is up to you. But remember, when you go to start Phase 3, it will be extra challenging if you have dropped everything from Phase 1 and Phase 2. This is the test to see what you’ve learned. Have you created sustainable habits that will stick outside the constraints of this challenge? The daily mindsets and self-care practices are now up to you and only you within this 30 day period. 

PHASE 3 – 30 days

Day 1 Photo – encouraged but not required

  • Everything from Phase 1 & 2

  • Declutter – For 10 minutes every day. Pick an area, set a time, and go.

  • Get Outside 30 Minutes – Intentional movement outside, regardless of weather conditions. This is in addition to your 30-minute workout. They must be done separately. You can have 2 outside workouts if you’d like. But at least one of your 30 minutes needs to be spent with intentional movement outside. Walk, bike, workout, etc.


Phase 3 Completed Photo – encouraged but not required




  • Failure at any point results in starting over at day 1 of that phase

  • You have until you fall asleep to complete each day

  • No tweaking, altering, or changing the challenge

  • Cheating the program is only cheating yourself

  • All 3 phases must be completed within 1 year (12 months) of start-date




Always consult your health care professional before starting Mama Mindset Reset Challenge, any fitness program, or make changes to your diet to determine if it is right for your individual needs. Do not start the Mama Mindset Reset Challenge if your health care provider advises against it.

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