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Welcome to the Mom: In-Process Blog!

Hi there, sweet mamas!

My name is Amy Cothren, and I am so excited to share my journey with you!

The reason I’m here

I started the Mom: In-Process podcast in early 2021, after 2020 brought loads of personal challenges into our lives–but ultimately ended up being a banner year for us. (Hear all about that time here).

My husband of 10 years, Brad, our three daughters, and me, a full-time stay at home mother, came through a tumultuous time better, stronger, mentally healthier (despite a global pandemic), and happier than ever. We thrived in the aftermath of incredible upheaval because of our approach to our health, home, wealth, and relationship, approaches we’ve honed through ups and downs, successes and failures.

So, I decided I wanted to build a community for stay at home mothers where I could share everything I’ve learned and where mothers could come together to share their experiences, learn from one another, and inspire one another. A place where we would be candid about our shortcomings–and proactive about reaching our full potential as well-rounded, fulfilled stay at home moms.

So, here we are.

Been there, done that and failed

Eight years ago, after our first daughter was born, I made the decision to leave the workforce–and my dream career in HR–and become a stay at home mom.

The transition caught me off guard. Suddenly, I was no longer the career-oriented, financially independent woman I grew up believing I wanted to be. Becoming a stay at home mom was more than just taking on a new role, it was adopting an entirely new identity.

I struggled big time, ladies.

I was the epitome of a “hot mess mama.” My physical, mental, and spiritual health all took a backseat to baby feedings, diaperings, and mounting laundry, dishes, and mess … so much mess. Despite having a deeply caring, supportive husband, I hit rock bottom. I hit a point where I wasn’t serving anyone. No one–not my beautiful children, my hard-working husband, my family or friends–were getting my best. And, honestly, I was sick of who I was.

So I made some changes.

The journey to a new me

Since those days, I have turned around my health, done loads of self-reflection, fine-tuned my routine, strengthened my marriage, and become a better parent to my girls. I have found balance … and … so … much … joy. While I am not perfect–and never will be–I can say I have truly embraced my roles as mother and wife, and I am a continuously evolving best version of myself.

I believe being a stay at home mom is the job I was meant to have in life–and to me, it is the most important job in the world. It can also be supremely rewarding if you are armed with the right mindset and tools to make it so.

That’s why I am doing this: I want to help other mamas untangle life’s challenges, reach their highest potential and become the best versions of themselves.

Sharing all I’ve learned with you

I believe that family is everything, and getting back to the basics of life is the key to making our day-to-day lives easier and enjoyable.

I embrace the opportunity to share the knowledge I've gained and the tips and tricks I've discovered along my journey. And my hope is that I can help you discover your best self.

So, follow the podcast, where I interview a variety of experts, who will offer ways to simplify and manage your life in a more thoughtful, caring and productive way, and join me as I connect with everyday moms, whose vulnerability and raw honesty can drive your own reflection. Plus, be sure to check back with the blog regularly, where we’ll share tips, best practices, news, resources and more. And follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for joining me on this ride we call life!

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